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Xinxiang Huihuang Spring Co.,LTD.

Xinxiang Huihuang Spring Co.,LTD.

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Main Market: Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer
Brands HuiHuang No. of Employees >100
Annual Sales 10000000-15000000 Year Established 1987
Export p.c 50% - 60%

Xinxiang Huihuang Spring Co.,LTD.

is one of the largest manufacturers of metal springs and stampings in China. For more than 30 years, we have been offering custom-made spring products to our customers. With our own 37 patents, 3 inventions, 5,000 specifications, modern production equipment, and strict system guidelines, we have the ability to manufacture springs of almost any shape and type, with an annual output of 500 million springs. Products have passed ISO9001 ISO14000 ISO18000 IATF16949 certification. Our team consistently produces the highest quality products, our greatest asset is experienced and dedicated Hui Huang employees, each of whom receives continuous training throughout their careers to ensure we remain industry leading.


Xinxiang huichuang spring co., LTD. (henan huixian city spring factory) was established in 1987, is the China spring professional association governing units, is China's internal combustion engine industry association electrical branch spring manufacturers member units.The company mainly develops, produces, manages the automobile electric motor electric spring, is China's larger electric motor electric spring production base.

The main products of our company are electric motors, flat springs, flat coil springs, cylindrical springs, clamps and various special-shaped springs.The annual output of plane coil spring reaches 50 million. It is manufactured by digital flexible process control and fuzzy reasoning error compensation technology. The scientific and technological achievements of henan provincial department of science and technology are identified as a high level in China, and it has won the special award of outstanding new product of spring industry of China machinery general parts industry association.The annual output of flat spring exceeded 150 million, and won the excellent award of outstanding new product of spring industry of China machinery general parts industry association.
Company mainly Germany Bosch, Hitachi, pater to Beijing, Shanghai dix, dongfeng electric company, god electrical company, shenzhen tai cheung (Taiwan), aerospace life saving, wuxi power, yuhuan putian, catic photoelectric air-to-air missile research institute in China around the sole proprietorship, joint venture and Chinese electrical products manufacturing enterprises supporting the main motor.

In 2002, the company acquired the right of import and export.

Approved by henan provincial department of science and technology, the company has established henan zhongyuan spring research institute, which is the first spring research institution in henan province.
Xinxiang huichuang spring co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and management with excellent equipment and mature technology.


1. According customer inquiry ,Independent research and development or participation in customer development.

2. According the draw and spring use environment,recommend more reasonable design solutions to improve the market competitiveness of customer products.

3. Provide on-site technical support, measurement and review opinion.

4. 24 hours manual consulting service.

The company's free services are as follows:
1. Free metallographic detection, material detection, high-precision size and specification detection:
By using the principle of quantitative metallography, the three-dimensional morphology of the spring alloy structure is determined by the measurement and calculation of the metallographic microstructure of the 2-d metallographic specimen grinding surface or thin film, so as to establish the quantitative relationship among the composition, microstructure and properties of the alloy.
Free fatigue test:
The advanced fatigue testing machine is used to compress, stretch and twist the spring.Test spring service life.
2. Free test of elasticity and tension:
Use professional instrument to test the compression range of spring and the elastic relationship, the compression amount of spring under specific pressure and tension.
3. Free salt spray test:
Salt spray test equipment is used to simulate the environment of salt spray and to test the environment of corrosion resistance of metal materials.
4. Free design:
If there are no drawings, samples and related parameters, our unique zhongyuan spring research institute can design according to your actual application.

Our Team

Spring production workshop 5: round spring workshop, flat spring workshop, special-shaped spring workshop, stamping workshop, spring processing workshop. One stator workshop. There are more than 240 workers, with departments: technology department, production department, quality inspection department, raw material department, and packaging department. More than 300 production equipment.