Heavy Duty Right Hand Screw 7mm Double Helical Torsion Spring

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Certification: ISO9001,IATF16949
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Packaging Details: Carton+ Wood box
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Supply Ability: 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month According to the order
Keyword: Heavy Duty Torsion Spring Type: Torsion Spring
Material: Stainless Steel Winding: Right Hand Screw
Usage: Widely Size: Customized Sizes
Packing: Carton+ Wood Box Certification: ISO 9001
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7mm Double Helical Torsion Spring


Right Hand Screw Helical Torsion Spring


7mm Heavy Duty Torsion Spring

7mm Double Helical Torsion Spring Heavy Duty Right Hand Screw



The common function of a Torsion Spring is to twist and then come back to its original position. The most familiar use of a torsion spring is on the old-fashioned clothespin. The rugged torsion spring joins the middle of the classic wood body. As we all have seen, when the user clasps open the clothespin, positions it over the clothes, and releases; the pressure of the torsion spring secures the clothes on the line.

Thousands of other torsion spring applications work much the same way; from safety pins and mousetraps to clipboards and garage doors. In any application where the need exists for rotational force, a torsion spring is likely to be right for the job.

A torsion spring is used when there is a need for rotational torque. There are two types of torsion spring designs – single and double, with single torsion springs being the most common type. When a Torsion Spring is assembled over a shaft, it is important to note that, as the spring is rotated in a normal direction, the inner diameter reduces which can cause binding on the shaft along with unnecessary stresses to the spring; it is critical to take into consideration the inside diameter of the spring along with the shaft size it works over. Typically the more malleable spring materials.


Torsion Springs product attributes

Material Spring Steel wire,304/303/316Stainelss Steel,Music wire,copper wire, Phosphor bronze Wire or any available wire.
Finishing End rounding,polishing, electrochemical polishing etc.
Process CNC Spring
Application field Electronic spare part,furniture parts,cellphone parts,auto hardware parts,gym equipment fittings ,etc.
Surface treatment Anodizing, Polishing, Powder coating, Passivation, Sandblasting, Nickal plating,
Zinc plating, Chrome plating, Heat treatment, Oxidation
Application Electronic, auto, electric appliance, electrical machine, toy, medical treatment,
loudspeaker box, furniture and fitness equipment and other industries.
Design According to customer drawing or sample
Equipment CNC spring machines,CNC punching machines, CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines,
CNC machining center, Automatic lathes, Linear cutting, Grinding machine etc.
Standard JIS, DIN, ANSI, EN, etc.
Tolerance 0.005mm - 0.1mm
Surface Roughness Ra 1.6 -3.2
Packaging Foam polybag + Outer -Standard Carton Box/Carton Box with Pallet
+ Stretch Film
Software Auto CAD, Solid work, UG: PDF, DWG, DXF, IGS, STEP, SLDPRT

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Application of Torsion Springs

There are a number of applications, where torsion springs find their use. Here are some of the major areas of its application:

  1. Clocks: Torsion springs are used in torsion pendulum clocks. In such clocks, a torsion spring is used to suspend a wheel-shaped weight from the center of the clock. As the weight rotates around its axis, it twists the spring. As per its nature, the spring exerts an equal opposite force on the wheel and makes it twist in the other direction. Thus, there is a continuous back and forth motion of the pendulum, which makes the clock work by driving the gears to which it is attached.
  2. Clothes Pins: This is one of the most common applications of these springs. The working of clothes pins is facilitated by the torsion springs. These springs provide an excellent clamping action, which is why they are used in this application.
  3. Automotive: Torsion springs are known for providing even tension, along with smooth and frictionless motion. This is the reason why these springs are widely used in the automotive industry for various parts such as a vehicle suspension system, chassis, automotive valves, clutches, and gear shifters. These springs are made from materials like chrome silicone, which makes it resistant to environmental abuse, along with providing it additional strength.
  4. Medical Equipment: In the medical industry, the torsion springs are used in a number of complex equipment. Different medical equipment that make use of these springs include medical immobilization devices, hospital beds, several dental applications, wheelchair lifts and many more. For additional strength, these springs are made from high carbon steel, which also helps increase the life span of the spring.
  5. Door Hinges: These springs are widely used in different types of door hinges. Right from automobile doors and residential doors to heavy duty doors at warehouses, torsion springs are used in the hinges. These springs allow the door to come back to its original position. You must have noticed the doors in saloons that move back and forth when opened, but ultimately become stationary at their original position. This is due to the springs used in their hinges.


Product packaging

generally a certain number of transparent plastic bags, and then by the carton packaging.Of course, if you have special requirements, we can also meet them.We have several regular partners: Bosch, Petra, Hitachi, dicks, dongfeng electric, etc.We have experience working with customers from all over the world, such as the United States, India and Australia.So you don't have to worry about transportation as long as your products are in our production range.

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